Irredentism to Cooperation


مدیر ارشد

Jacob M. Landau - Pan-Turkism: From Irredentism to Cooperation
Publisher: Indiana University Press | 1995-11-01 | ISBN: 0253209609 | PDF | 275 pages | 11.43 MB​

"Landau's book is important in several respects... it provides exhaustive information on almost every pan-Turk publication and all of its authors and publicists. Landau appears to have consulted every conceivable source, including archives and collections... In addition, the book is useful to students of pan-nationalism and nationalism, for Landau also expertly places all his information into a larger theoretical context. This contribution to the literature is invaluable." -- Journal of Developing Areas
"... a most worthwhile work,... It... deserves to be in all library collections on the Middle East." -- Perspectives on Political Science
"Landau has provided an up-to-date compendium of facts concerning the history of these nationalist ideas and movements. Students of nationalism in general and the politics of post-Soviet Central Asia and the Turkish Republic in particular will remain greatly indebted to [Landau] for some considerable time." -- American Political Science Review
An examination of relations between Turks in Turkey and their kin abroad -- in Cyprus, the Balkans, and especially in the six ex-Soviet Muslim republics in the Caucasus and Central Asia. This book delineates the special relationship between the new republics and Turkey, which has altered the essence of Pan-Turkism from militant irredentism to practical solidarity in matters political, economic, and cultural.​