Cotton Fiber Chemistry and Technology


مدیر ارشد

Cotton Fiber Chemistry and Technology (International Fiber Science and Technology)


Phillip J. Wakelyn et al., «Cotton Fiber Chemistry and Technology»
CRC | ISBN 1420045873 | 2006-12-15 | 162 pages | PDF | 10.7 Mb

Cotton Fiber Chemistry and Technology focuses on providing the most up-to-date information on cotton fiber chemistry, physics, and properties. Drawn from the Handbook of Fiber Chemistry, Third Edition the book details fiber biosynthesis, structure, chemical composition and reactions, physical properties and includes information on biotech, organic, and colored cotton. It enumerates various property-enhancing processes, including etherification, esterification, and enzymatic modification. It considers environmental, workplace, and consumer risks from exposure to processing chemicals and emissions. The book also includes an analysis of worldwide production, consumption, markets, current applications, and future trends in the cotton industry.​

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