Coated and Laminated Textiles

Hamid Reza.M

مدیر بازنشسته
Coated and Laminated Textiles

Coated and Laminated Textiles
Publisher: CRC | Pages: 402 | 2002-05-22 | ISBN 0849314488 | PDF | 5 MB

Coating and laminating are methods of both improving and modifying the physical properties and appearance of fabric. They have also facilitated the development of entirely new products and have led to innovations in the area of "smart" materials. Coating and lamination cuts across virtually every product group of the textile industry, including composites, where the scope for future development is extremely wide. This book helps bridge the gap between the two disciplines of textile technology and polymer chemistry, both of which are necessary for success in this area of technical textiles, and it also touches on the related textile processes of fabric impregnation and foam finishing. The author emphasizes the factors influencing selection of materials and process machinery, especially with regard to environmental issues such as global warming. Product descriptions, production and test methods, and standards are discussed in detail. Coated and Laminated Textiles is a valuable source of reference that embraces apparel, medical, military, and industrial applications.



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